Know About "Surya Grahan" - 2019

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Solar eclipse- Surya Grahan 26th December - 2019 Know about what is solar eclipse ( Surya Grahan ) in our official blog at


Learn about today's solar eclipse: There have been 5 eclipses 3 solar eclipses and 2 lunar eclipses this year. And today's eclipse is the last eclipse of this year (2019). Today's solar eclipse's time was 8:17 am to 10:55 am. Today's solar eclipse was of the type of annular eclipse.
Surya Grahan - 2019

The four specific types of a solar eclipse are as follows: (1) full solar eclipse, (2) bracelet-ring solar eclipse and (3) mixed type solar eclipse.

Today's eclipse was of bracelet-ring type solar eclipse. In the type eclipse, most of the surface of the sun is covered and only the edges of the sun are visible..  

I know that one question may be raising in your mind is that if the moon was coming between the sun and the earth during the solar eclipse and the sun was covering the major part of the sun, then why do we see everything as it was before?

Friends, the moon comes between the sun and the earth.

(1) Since it is much smaller than the sun, it does not cover the sun completely so its rays fall on the surface of the earth. but relatively very few.

(2) Due to this, it is dark to have a slightly cloudy atmosphere.

(3) But as you know, we see because of the light reflects from the objects in the atmosphere - many of the objects around us reflect this sun's rays so we do not notice any significant change.

More Information about Solar Eclipse: The next possible date for a solar eclipse is: 21 June 2020.

26-December-2019 Surya Grahan as seen in Kuwait
26-December-2019 Surya Grahan as seen in Kuwait Source - Wikipedia

Reason for The Solar Eclipse - Why solar eclipse happens ? : At some point the moon falls between the sun and the earth and obstructs the passage of sunlight and the solar eclipse is called the eclipse.

People's Superstitions About Solar Eclipse:  People also have a lot of superstitions about solar eclipse, such as fasting during the solar eclipse or taking a shower immediately after the solar eclipse. But it is a good thing that the scientific fact here has been linked to religious belief or superstition.

Solar light during solar eclipse is minimal and less powered, so there is also a belief that breakfast or meal should be taken before or after the solar eclipse because at this time the sun's rays that can kill the harmful bacteria are not reaching the earth surface sufficiently, so the harmful bacteria are more abundant at this time. Therefore, it is good for people to fast or take a fresh meal only after bathing. After the solar eclipse

Different types of solar eclipse were observed in different areas of India

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